Alvin’s Cables F970 Multi Use Power Supply Adapter System with DC 12V or 8v / 2A Output USB-C 9V Fast Charging Type-C 5V Power Input Compatible with Sony NP-F Series Batteries F550 F770 F970 Support Use while Charging

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Product description

  • This ALVIN-F9 uses Sony NP-F series batteries (F550 F770 F970) as the power supply, converts and outputs a variety of different voltages and interface, to increase shoot time and to reduce battery charging downtime.
  • The ALVIN-F9 is a NPF charger for all Sony NP-F Batteries. Input power via Type-C interface, the camera can also be used while charging. When the battery is charging, the switch must be turned on (I=On, O=Off).
  • Pay attention to voltage input and output parameters and interfaces to avoid damage to equipment and products. The battery should be removed when not in use, and avoid using in high temperature environment.
  • Power indicator: Have full visibility of your battery. Monitor the usage of power capacity, it also monitors how full the battery is when charging.
  • This product has good heat dissipation performance, equipped with a variety of fixing methods.

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