Alvin's Cables TIME Code Input Output Cable for Sound Devices XL LB2 5 Pin Male to BNC

In stock!

Product description

  • Every cable was tested to ensure that there are no short circuit ,no potential breakdown problems before shipping, and it works great!
  • The Video Devices XL-LB2 is with a FGG 0B 5 pin connector on one end and two BNC connectors at the other, one in, one out.
  • The cable is used for time code jamming of BNC-equipped A/V equipment that has SMPTE time code.
  • Cable Length:76cm (about 30in) in stock.
  • Custom Length: other length of the cables, we could customize with it, please remark words or contact with me.


Alvin's Cables

  • As a professional connector and cable manufacturer, we produce and sell cost-effective connectors as well as cables. Hope our products can satisfy your demand.
  • Moreover, it is allowed to customize the cables according to your requirements. Please kindly contact us, tell me what you want, and we would spare no effort to meet your need.
  • What’s more, we can give you a discount if you order big quantity connectors and cables. If you are interested in them, please contact us, thank you!

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