Alvin's Cables Anton Bauer Power Tap D-Tap to 2.1 DC 12v Right Angle Cable KiPRO LCD Monitors

Length:60CM Staright Cable
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Product description

  • Anton Bauer Power Tap D-Tap to 2.1*5.5mm DC 12v Right Angle Cable
  • Source power from Anton Bauer Gold Mount batteries, Gold Mount Plates, V Mount batteries and from cameras with on-board d-tap output
  • Adapter cable allows you to Power LCD's and many other devices with your Anton Bauer Gold Mount Batteries. Provides power to KiPRO LCD Monitor, Lectrosonic, Lowel Blender LED, PowerTap-Lectro and other devices. Please Note: there is no regulator in the cable, so the input is same like the output, please make sure your battery power output same like your device power input.
  • LCD interface cable for AF100, GH1/GH2. Panavision, Arriflex, Moviecam, Arricam, Betacam & all other cine/broadcast rigs. Anton Bauer Power Tap to 5.5x2.1mm DC Right Angle Plug.
  • Center positive polarity. The length of cable is 0.6m (about 24'' ),1M,1.5M is also available, if you need,please contact me,thank you!Cord OD is 5.5mm with 0.5 square mm Copper wire


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