Alvin's Cables Tentacle Sync Adapter Cable Tentacle Timecode Generator 3.5mm to ARRI Alexa Sound Devices 5 Pin Connector 12 o'clock Up Direction

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Product description

  • This cable is with special custom design right angle 5 pin connector, which can be rotated at any 90 degrees directions (Default 12 o'clock up direction).
  • Cable to feed timecode from Tentacle Sync 3.5mm to ARRI Alexa or Sound Devices Recorder that uses a standard 5pin connector.
  • You need this cable if you want jam-sync Tentacle into devices like ARRI Alexa or Sound Devices 702T / 744T / 788T / 664 / 633 or others that using a 5pin connector (If you need the other cable that from ARRI Alexa or Sound Devices Recorder into Tentacle Sync, please contact me or visit my store. )
  • Plug A:High quality special rotatable 5 pin connector. Plug B:High quality right angle 3.5mm mini-TRS jack.
  • Cable Length: 18 inches (45 cm) length. We can customize other length, please send a message to us if you need.


Alvin's Cables

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