Alvin’s Cables Blackmagic RG179 Coax BNC Male to Male Cable for BMCC Video Camera

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Product description

  • This SDI Cable is a 75 ohm coaxial cable complete with one right angle male BNC connector and one straight male BNC designed to support the transfer of both RF and video signals, particularly HD quality video signals.
  • The 18 AWG gauge cable is FPE insulated and constructed with high density OFC braided shielding to reject both EMI and RF interference.
  • Cables Length: 50cm (custom length) (15CM,20CM,1M are also available, please send a message to us if you need.)
  • Shelter: Double shelter, aluminium-foil paper+internal copper net.
  • Resistance: 75Ω, - Frequency: 0~2GHz.


Alvin's Cables

  • As a professional connector and cable manufacturer, we produce and sell cost-effective connectors as well as cables. Hope our products can satisfy your demand.
  • Moreover, it is allowed to customize the cables according to your requirements. Please kindly contact us, tell me what you want, and we would spare no effort to meet your need.
  • What’s more, we can give you a discount if you order big quantity connectors and cables. If you are interested in them, please contact us, thank you!

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