Cable CAM (7p)-EXT (6p) Rotatable Right Angle Plug for ARRI-cforce-RF Motor CAM 7-Pin to EXT Adjustable Right Angle 6-Pin Male for cmotion cPRO Motor camin| Alexa| Amira 60CM Alvin's Cables

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Product description

  • Plug the 7 pin end of the cable into ARRI cforce RF motor/ cmotion cPRO motor and camin, plug the 6 pin end into the EXT connector of AMIRA/ Alexa Mini. Compatible with ARRI/ cmotion order number K2.0015756.
  • Applicable Functions: camera RUN/STOP, tally, camera status information, camera control with ALEXA Remote Licence on ARRI WCU-4 / cmotion cPRO hand unit.
  • If you want to run the camin or drive three cforce motors at the same time, you'd better supply power from an additional power source to avoid overvoltage/ overload.
  • Plug A: 7 Pin (2 long pin + 5 short pin) Male; Plug B: Rotatable EXT Right Angle 6 Pin Male. This cable is with special custom design Alvin's Rotatable Right Angle EXT 6 pin connector, which can be rotated at any 90 degrees directions.
  • Cable Length: 23.6 inches/ 60cm. (We can customize cables with other length, if you need custom cables, please send a message to us before placing the order.)

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