TA3F 3 Pin Female Mini XLR Original Connector Low-Profile for Audio Microphone Cable Alvin’s Cables|Red

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Product description

  • The 3 pin female mini XLR connector will not limit the routing direction, you can run the cable at any direction. The mini set-screw helps to lock down the color cap securely.
  • Compatible with cable models: RAWCB-272, RAWCB-322, CT-RAWCB-284, Belden 1804A, Mogami W2901, W3031 and W2697.
  • 3 pin female mini XLR applies to Sound Devices Scorpio, 888, 833, 633, 688, 788T, MixPre-10T Inputs/Outputs, Lectrosonics SR Receivers, LR receivers, Zoom recorders, Wisycom receivers.
  • Adjustable XLR connectors can be assembled "DIY" easily and repaired instantly. There are also 4 different colors which allows you to customize your color profile.
  • Material with premium quality: The custom caps are injection molded from high-quality aluminum material, and the shells are custom precision casting with matte metal finish and gold contact pins. Connector: Original Aluminum 3 Pin Female Mini XLR.

Alvin's Cables

  • As a professional connector and cable manufacturer, we produce and sell cost-effective connectors as well as cables. Hope our products can satisfy your demand.
  • Moreover, it is allowed to customize the cables according to your requirements. Please kindly contact us, tell me what you want, and we would spare no effort to meet your need.
  • What’s more, we can give you a discount if you order big quantity connectors and cables. If you are interested in them, please contact us, thank you!

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